The monitor & display industry is witnessing remarkable growth, and one company stands at the forefront of innovation. NPC, a monitor manufacturer, has been making waves in the industry with our cutting-edge products, including high-resolution monitors. Read on and learn the latest trends in the monitor industry and our participation in the Global Sources Consumer Electronics 2023 event (Global Sources Hong Kong).

NPC at Global Sources

What is the Global Sources Hong Kong all about?

The Global Sources Hong Kong event, where NPC has showcased our innovations, is a significant gathering in the world of consumer electronics. With five decades of experience, Global Sources has developed a reliable B2B platform that caters to both online and offline buyers and suppliers. Their primary focus is on enabling trade between Asia and the rest of the world through a combination of trade shows, online marketplaces, publications, and mobile applications. This event has a profound impact on the global market and plays a crucial role in connecting buyers and suppliers. Within that, monitors also make up a large portion of consumer electronics.

Market Trends in the Monitor Industry: A Glimpse into the Future

The monitor industry is experiencing a profound transformation, with high-resolution monitors leading the way. In 2022, the 4K Monitor market was valued at USD 93.33 billion, and it is expected to grow at a remarkable CAGR of 23.7% from 2023 to 2029, reaching approximately USD 413.57 billion. [1]

4K monitors, also known as Ultra HD monitors, offer a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, delivering sharper and more detailed visuals. They have gained popularity among professionals, gamers, and multimedia enthusiasts. Various display technologies like LCD, LED, OLED, and IPS cater to different user requirements.

Key market drivers include the demand for high-resolution content, technological advancements, professional applications, gaming, multitasking, and the perception of 4K monitors as a future-proof investment. High-resolution content, such as 4K movies and gaming, is increasing the need for monitors capable of delivering detailed visuals.

NPC at Global Sources

Global Sources Hong Kong: NPC's Participation

NPC is gearing up for the Global Sources Consumer Electronics 2023 event, which will take place at Asia World-Expo Hong Kong from October 11th to 14th, 2023. This event presents a unique opportunity for companies like NPC to showcase their innovations, connect with industry peers, and explore potential collaborations. NPC's booth, located in Hall 6, 6L78, promises to be a hub of innovation.

At this event, NPC has proudly displayed our range of high-resolution monitor offerings. For example, the NPC-M2714 IPS Gaming LCD Monitor is a high-resolution monitor that redefines the gaming experience. With its impressive 2k resolution, liftable rotating base, and versatile multi-functional features, this 27-inch NPC monitor is designed for both gaming enthusiasts and professionals. This display is also a high refresh rate gaming monitor, with customized 75Hz, 180Hz, and 240Hz. On top of that, there were more advanced monitors and TVs that reflected the rapid growth of the industry.

 NPC-M2714 IPS Gaming LCD Monitor

NPC's Global Aspirations: Moving Beyond Borders

With a core business focused on high-resolution monitors, intelligent projectors, and TVs, NPC has become a leading player in the market. In just 17 years, NPC's brand has made a significant impact on the Chinese market. Our commitment to delivering quality products at affordable prices has won the trust of partners and consumers alike.

Besides, NPC has sights set on the global market. Our focus on video electronics has made NPC pioneers in the industry. We have made high-quality products, including monitors, projectors, and computers, accessible to users worldwide. With our trademark registered in 130 countries, NPC is steadily making its presence known on a global scale.

NPC at Global Sources


As NPC continues its journey to make high-resolution monitors accessible to users around the world, the company's commitment to quality and affordability remains unwavering. The monitor industry's future is bright, with innovative technologies and global events like the Global Sources Consumer Electronics 2023 paving the way for exciting developments. NPC's participation in this event is a testament to our dedication to the industry and our aspiration to make advanced technology accessible to all.

In a world where high-resolution monitors are the norm, NPC is at the forefront, ensuring that users can experience the incredible life of science and technology.


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